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Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. ACORN studio’s (Taiwanese design company) moon lamps will eliminate all the darkness from your homes, giving your house a fantasy touch. Their magic can be viewed in a promotional video from Acorn at the below link;

Available in five different sizes, having price ranging from USD20 to USD910, these moon lamps are a perfect idea for your children’s nursery, playroom or bedroom. Made to order, each Moon has its own uniqueness. Made from latex and fiberglass, they are naturally heat resistant and water repellent. LED lights inside the spheres provide an inner brilliant glow, for the smallest one (2.5 inches in diameter) providing a lower glow while the larger one (23.6 inches) has the capacity to light up an entire room.

Moon lamp Size



Acorn launched an IndieGoGo campaign back in 2015 and met its funding goal in less than three days, highlighting the popularity of the Moon Lamps. Campaigners though received their lamps a while ago, however now any one can purchase them from the Acorn Studio’s website. They are expected to be shipped to the United States in late November 2017.

If however a Moon is beyond your affordability, there are other options out there, not though as luminous they still has the capacity to bring the same fantasy to your homes. For instance, Amazon’s CPLA Lighting moon lamps, available in three sizes, prices ranging from USD17.99 to USD46.99. With printed texture to emulate the actual moon along with a built in rechargeable battery, it looks extremely gorgeous on the wooden stand. Mydethun Moon Lamp from Amazon is another option. Having an affordable price of USD23.99, this is also rechargeable and can be lighted up in two different tones.

So…. Moon Lovers; grab the perfect one for your homes!

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